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Be one of the best IT brains in Slovakia. Become excellent in the area you choose.

FIIT is a leader in IT education. This environment gives you the opportunity to develop yourself and provides freedom to decide on your progress as well. You set your own challenges and goals, and thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technologies, you have the possibilities to your growth.

In Slovakia, less than 1% of people have a PhD. Join the elite and be a PhD student at FIIT.


Cutting-edge technologies

We have the latest equipment at FIIT and we are constantly improving it. You can work with technologies that are not commonly available in Europe. Everything is available for free.


At a doctoral degree, you will explore things in depth and discover connections. You determine the area you want to pursue. Modern equipment is at your disposal and your supervisoris your support.

Conferences abroad

Thanks to the conferences, you will recognize the elite in your research. You have the opportunity to meet them personally and ask for feedback. You get many valuable contacts. At FIIT, we care about our doctoral students as much as possible, so these conferences are paid by the faculty.

Research groups

In addition to the chosen topic in which you will deepen your knowledge, you will build your general knowledge and share experience and know-how with other PhD students. If you need a research assistance, you will certainly find a person at FIIT who will help you answer your questions.

The most modern IT stand in Slovakia

FIIT is settled in a modern building and it is full of the latest technologies. Due to this fact, many interesting professional events are organized here. If you want to learn the hottest news from the world and get new knowledge, you do not need to leave the building.

Did you know that doctoral studies make up 5%
of the working time during your life?

You will benefit from these 5% your entire professional life. At the doctoral studies, you will move to an incomparably higher level in the topic you choose. The world’s best companies know the value of doctoral studies very well and only people with PhD degree are accepted to selected posts.

However, doctoral study is not just about studying.



At the faculty, conferences, events, summer schools and other meetings you get valuable contacts with people you might never meet.



Although many PhD students are worried about teaching, but at the end most of them are grateful for this possibility. By teaching, you will learn how to work with people, how to attract them that you will certainly appreciate.

What are our PhD students like?

At FIIT we have PhD students who are examining things in depth, taking responsibility for their progress into their own hands, want to move forward and prioritize investing in themselves.

Be the creator of tomorrow, push this era forward. Become a PhD student at FIIT.

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